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Individual Consultations

Your Tree of Life

In-depth Life coaching & transformation through your birth chart.

Using a combination of Western astrology, Vedic astrology, the archetypal Tarot and the Kabbalah as a powerful tool of awareness and transformation, this session involves a dynamic process unveiling the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual elements of your life, your gifts , challenges & karma. The session is 1-1 ½ hours long and may be conducted in person or over the telephone. All sessions are taped so you can work with the content further in-depth. The purpose is to provide insight and awareness that enables compassionate growth, transformation and healing. Constitutional health awareness & Vedic gem remedy suggestions are included. We work practically & creatively together for you to understand and transform the obstacles, fears and challenges in your life. This session enables you to get in touch with and clearly follow the truth of your heart, connect to your purpose & embrace all of your life…

Fee for in-depth consultation: $295.00

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 Transits & solar returns

Yearly updates of your year ahead starting with your birth day. This is a great guide to help you navigate & work with the gifts & challenges of the coming year.

60 minute session: $175.00

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Relationship & compatibility charts

Exploring couple or family dynamics

Understand your karma… look at relationship functions & dysfunctions. Learn tools for healing conflicts & finding clarity & resolution (great gift for parents & their children).

60 minute session: $175.00

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Gift certificates are also available… highly desirable gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings & any life changes.