2022: The Year of Resiliency


The numerology of the year 2022 invites us to a very deliberate conscious participation, in creating beauty and harmony inside and out, in all of our lives.

This creation process manifests itself in a deeper caring of our environments, relationships, communications and all speech as a sacred and creative ART.  It enables us to take a full bow of gratitude with heartfelt appreciation for the gift of life and our breath.



The first 2 months of 2022 is an invitation of a deep-dive in to the conscious healing of our hearts.


The digestion of the massive sudden environmental, social and health challenges that the world has faced since 2020 is continuing. We are here to recognize what truly matters, be clear about our values and where to focus our energies towards positive needed changes.

This transformational time brings about reflection and much healing.  Like an inner detox time it may include feelings of heart exhaustion, restlessness, disorientation, dissatisfaction, or discontentedness in relationships; yet it is an opportuity for positive shifts and clear renewal of our commitments.

Therefore, do spend more time in nature, devote and commit to all your practices and spiritual tools that center you in your heart.  Cultivate patience and be compassionate with yourself and others in this time, some changes do take time!

Spring is the renewal time with a new flow under our wings!

Use your practices daily to establish a deeper connection to the peace in your being, connect to inner stability, more harmony and tranquility. Ready for your flight with your hearts navigation light fully on in 2022!

All Blessings for 2022!

May your light be always bright, guiding every breath and step.