Healthy Breast Program & Yoga of Healing – Weekend Intensive in Berkeley

Topics covered

  • Causes of Imbalances: Prevention & Healing of Breast Dis-eases
  • Understanding Hormones & Hormonal links to Breast Cancer
  • Estrogenic chemicals and products: Educating your daughters & young women
  • The Lymphatic System & Body’s Detoxification Pathways
  • Diet & Nutrition: Ayurvedic & Constitutional Nutritional Guidelines specific to each individual, for hormonal health, vitality, strong immunity & healing.
  • Psychological & Spiritual aspects of Breast Health: Breasts as Symbols of the Tree of Life
  • Specific movement practices: including Yogic breathing practices (Pranayama) for optimum oxygen, flow of chi, prana thru the breasts & body
  • Healing in Joy: Celebration of the Gift of Life & Being a Woman

Dedicated to all Mothers, Daughters & Grandmothers.

Please wear loose comfortable clothing for Ease & for movement practices & bring a Note book