Svaroopa® Yoga for your Neck & Shoulders

Ask anyone what part of their body hurts & chances are they will mention their neck & shoulders. This deeply healing weekend workshop addresses the ROOT of neck & shoulder pain & gives you the tools to create long lasting change in your upper spine. You will learn sequences of poses which you use in your own home practice to continue the openings you get during the weekend. Join Casey Gerdes for a magnificent weekend of rejuvenating & strengthening your neck & spine, enhancing flexibility and vitality.

Twist out all the tensions, open your spine from the inside out and experience Svaroopa®, the bliss of your own being…

The sessions focus on the physical benefits, as well as how these openings create deeper and more profound levels of change in your life, this course is profoundly healing and transformative.

This workshop is guaranteed to give you an immediate and significant change in your body, while offering you much much more. Casey will use the Svaroopa® yoga poses to open up your body and breath, as well as the deeper dimensions of your own Being….